February 23rd, 2012

Doctor Who - Ten


Martin: But does it make you happy, truly happy?
Douglas: Oh, well, come on, no one's truly happy.
Arthur: I'm truly happy!
Martin: Oh God.
Douglas: No, Arthur, you are cheery. No one's interested in the secret of true cheeriness.
Arthur: But that's not true. I'm fairly often just completely happy. Like, for instance, when you get into a bath quickly and it's just the right temperature, and you go "ooooh". I mean, really, no one gets any happier than that.
Martin: What a depressing thought.
Arthur: No, no, it's not though, because those sort of things happen all the time, whereas you're hardly ever, you know, blissfully happy with the love of your life in the moonlight, and when you are... you're too busy worrying about it being over soon. Whereas the bath moments, there's loads of those! Oh, like when you realise your knuckles are ready for cracking.
Douglas: What?
Arthur: See, I was happy then! Oh, wait, I've got another one!
Martin: Did you order the motivational seminar by Forrest Gump?
Arthur: Apples!
Douglas: Oh, no. Please spare us the crisp crunch of the first bite of an apple.
Arthur: No, no, of course not. No one really likes apples. That would be like liking wood. No, I mean... This.
Douglas: What?
Arthur: This! Tossing an apple from hand to hand. It just feels really nice. I could do it for hours. Try it!
Douglas: You know, there is something rather pleasant about this.
Martin: Oh, for goodness's sake, I don't believe it!
Arthur: Try it! See?
Martin: Well, it's... satisfying, but I wouldn't say I was happy.
Arthur: Give it a bit longer!


Forse con la filosofia di Arthur saremmo tutti un po' meno incasinati? (o anche sempre incasinati, ma in maniera meno... incasinata. Incasinati e capaci di conviverci, ecco.)
Non lo so. Magari vado a prendere una mela e provo.XD
Beh, intanto un buon motivo per essere felici è la grafica nuova + i prompt fighi + le rubriche in arrivo su gaiman_ita.